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I haven’t been accomplishing much over the past two weeks, since it seems like I’m only working on long term goals at the moment. So I’ve been looking over my list, and trying to figure out something I can do in the mean time, you know. I know I need to start tithing, since it is the end of the month. So today I’m going to the bank (mainly for the purpose of lugging along my massive jar of change to have it converted into more carry-able cash form), and after I figure out how much my income was this month, I can tithe from it! I hope the number doesn’t make me cringe. It’s not like I made that much this month, I only started my job after all.

Anyway, so, tithing. Also, another long term thing that needs to get started: the Christmas Jar! I know that I wanted to put about (maybe, we’ll see how this goes) $25 in per month? (For anyone who doesn’t know, the Christmas Jar is a fund jar to help save up for Christmas/holiday presents. I decided to do this because every year, I go broke during the holidays trying to scrape up enough cash to get my loved ones decent gifts. But not this year! With twelve easy installments of $24.99, my family will get super awesome gifts, without the strain and hassle of looking under the couch cushions for stray change!)

Oh, good news!! My mom told me that she had leftover teeth whitening strips! Which means that I can get that goal knocked off as soon as I find them. . . My mom said it would only take about a week to start seeing results, but warned me about the Blue Teeth Syndrome. Apparently if you leave the strips in for too long, then your teeth will turn a shocking (and apparently painfully sore) shade of blue. I promise I won’t let that happen to me.

Recently, I got two books from the library by Nina Garcia to help me with my personal style goal. One is called The Little Black Book of Style and the other one is The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. So as soon as I finish the book I’m working on right now (The Poisonwood Bible) and I only have about 30 pages left, I’ll get started on those two books. 

So, basically, that’s what I’m going to be working on. But this weekend, first and foremost, is a lazy weekend. Guess why?! Finals are finally over!!! Which is excitement to the extreme. So this weekend shall be gloriously free of homework and responsibilities. Besides reading. And doing a few loads of desperately needed laundry (it seems to have been neglected the past two weeks, agh!). 

With that, adieu!



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Well, it is when it results in something as beautiful as my new wallet! New walletIsn’t it gaw-juss? 😀 Anyway, that means that goal #67 is officially completed! Wootwoot etc!

It was quite excellent. Dan and I drove down to Bridgeport on Saturday (procrastinating on studying and blah) to the Urban Outfitters there, and we browsed the store for about thirty seconds before we spotted my the wallet, and then after pouncing upon it and cradling it lovingly in my arms picking it up, we browsed around the rest of the store. Unfortunately, the wallet was all that I had budgeted for, so when I found a beautiful copy of The Picture of Dorian Grey, I was sadly unable to splurge out for it. It was so lovely, though. . . with black and white peacock feather illustrations on the cover!!! And I also saw a really marked down bag that was, well, gorgeous. I’ve been thinking I might save up for that next. . . but UO is soo farr awayyy. I need to just give up on them already!! Or find someone willing to drive me over there. Frequently? 😀



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That was SCARY!! =D

I’ve been organizing my thoughts and many other things for quite a few days now, and I’ve just now realized I have rather little to show for it. I could have accomplished more, I suppose, but baby steps! Basically, Thursday-Friday-Saturday(morning) I had a friend over, so I didn’t accomplish much. At all. Besides watching a classic movie that I’d never seen before (When Harry Met Sally), which factors into my goal of A to Z of movies I’ve never seen before, focusing mainly on classics (mainly because I don’t know if there is a classic that starts with X or Z). Anyway, Saturday afternoon I was a bum. Totally unproductive. A waste of oxygen. I hate feeling like a bum. Well, I was a bum for the most part. I did catalogue most of the books in our little library. Found some that I could post onto paperbackwap. Depressingly few, however. Blah. Sorry, it’s getting late for me. My mind is going berserk tired. 

So, today was much better. We went to church this morning (I woke up earlier than usual, and wasn’t actually going crazy trying to get ready to go). The sermon was boring, but I made a big list of things I had to do today, just organizing my thoughts like I said before. Stuff like senior pictures (I have no idea how I’m going to pay for those, I know my friends’ parents are paying for theirs, but my parents don’t do that) and fixing my nails (the nail polish was getting seriously chipped) and figuring out approximately how much I need to save up for all the college things I’m going to need to buy this summer.

Side note: I didn’t mark off my goal of buying nail polish and painting my nails even though I did paint my nails last weekend because I didn’t actually buy it. I discovered some of our old nail polish, and apparently not all of it was that bad. But it also doesn’t last very long, and they’re mostly childish colors. So I didn’t want to count it as completing the goal, cause I still want to buy new nail polish. End side note.

I’ve been cleaning my mom’s horse’s stall the past three days since my mom agreed to pay me two dollars every day that I clean it. Guess what? I’ve made six dollars so far! I know it sounds like petty cash (which it is), but it’s easy income! By the end of this week, I’ll have $16. I’m putting my cash so far in an old Altoids tin (remember those?). I’ve decided to save up and buy myself a wallet! My joke is: I’m making all this money, and I need somewhere to put it. So I’ll go spend my money to buy a wallet, but then I’ll have no money to put in it, so I’ll have to sell the wallet for money to put in the wallet and. . . yeah. I know. Bad joke. I did also discover though, that basically every month I can make $60 from cleaning stalls, and by the end of June, just from cleaning stalls, I’ll have made $328 if I clean stalls every day. I should have at least $300, even if I miss a few days. 

Also, I’ve decided to give up on the devotions book that I have. It’s actually quite annoying at how short it is (it literally takes me ten seconds to read it every day), and it’s not meaty enough to even think about after that. So I’m going to look for something else instead, and for the time being, the devotions book is off. 

I’ve found a summer job! Well, sorta. It’s not “official.” My dad will pay me to work in the garden and do things around the farm for him. But it’ll probably be better than working at a fast food place. I’ll be outside, getting exercise and a tan, probably getting paid more, and I don’t have to spend gas money driving to work. I think it’ll work out fine.

Since I know what my job will be, I was able to begin to figure out a sort of budget. I mean, I know what things I’ll be needing to spend money on, basically. College things, gas, Ireland. Small things like wallets, lunch, random woot! shirts. So I know how much I need to make/save up for that which is a start. 

Oh, and my friend and I baked a cake this weekend, but it wasn’t for anyone’s birthday, so it doesn’t count toward my goal. It was tasty though, with cream cheese frosting. 

I think my sister will go running with me, too. Probably not for a while till the weather calms down, since it’s going to be pretty stormy all week. But that’ll be good. We could both use the exercise. It might be tricky finding a time when she can go running, though, since she has a job at the barn and does all sorts of things with horses. Her schedule is surprisingly full. But that will be a work in progress.



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Goal Change

I’ve realized that goal 024 (spend three months getting into optimum shape) is too vague just on its own. So I’m splitting it up into smaller more manageable chunks that I’ll actually be able to wrap my head around. Plus, this way I’ll be able to cross more things off. Which makes me want to complete more. Weird how that works. . . anyway. 

Goal 024 is now: Complete Stage One. Fitness will now have its own specific category with specific goals, instead of what it used to be (basically encapsulated in Old024). I think this is a good improvement! =) I’ll be starting New024 on Monday, I think. 

Within this same vein, I’ve officially completed my first goal!! I have worked out a fitness plan. Total excitement =)



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Week One Update

I have officially begun ten goals! Woot woot! =) I think it’s a decent start on this mission, though I’m itching to cross something off. That nerd in me sure does love crossing things off lists. . . Anyway.

013. Floss every day for a month (2/30)

I fail at life quite spectacularly. This goal was going along just fine, my dentist would have been so proud. I believe, for almost a week, I was flossing every single day. And then came one day. . . One of those days when, in the evening, you can’t remember anything you did in the morning. (Maybe that’s just me?) I utterly and completely forgot to floss. How ridiculous is that? I was doing so well =( Anyway, I started over since I missed a day.

020. Read 101 books (1/101)

I read A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. He has such an awesome sense of humor. . . And while occasionally his books can be somewhat dry and kind’ve ramble on (because he gets very into his historical renditions of what happened in this exact town with some unknown man who did something excellent and was forgotten, etc), I still love them. So, I finished that one. I just have to mention: my draft just saved at 11:11:11, and I can’t begin to express how much that just filled me with pure joy. I love those numbers. Make a wish! Oh, I almost forgot. I think I’m reading She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb next. We’ll see how it goes, though. It’s a pretty thick book, and I’ve heard extremely varying reviews about it. Strong love/hate feelings. We’ll see. . . 

021. Read or watch one non-fiction a month (1/33)

I watched Rick Steves’ Great Britain. Guilty pleasure. It was sort’ve ridiculous, but eh. Travel. Gotta love it. Small sidenote: When I was picking this movie up at the library, I saw one titled Tie a Tie or something along those lines. I’m going to have to find it for next month, because that would help me with two goals in one sweep! I sure hope that’s not blatant cheatery. 

054. Read the devotions book daily (8/365)

I’m so proud of myself!! I haven’t forgotten a day yet. Of course, we’re not yet very far into this mission. . . but. . . . Baby steps! I’m starting to think I may yet just want to find different devotion materials. Or something. I think I’m going to be changing this goal slightly, if I can’t find anything. It’s just, the little devotions book I have, I got for free, and it’s very much abridged, and meant to be read for a minute each day. Which is sort of short for anything. Point of story: my devotions book borders on boring some days.

015. Get a summer job

This is still vaguely in process. I haven’t accomplished anything else for this goal since my last update when I turned in all my applications. I have a feeling I might have to go out again and find more places to apply at. It’s just that absolutely no one is hiring right now. I don’t know if I should just wait till next month when Quiznos may be looking for someone? Or if I shouldn’t rely on that. I hate job hunting.

057. Track my period

It’s shorter than I thought it was. And lighter. I was surprised. (Sorry, sorry, probably too much information. Especially if there happen to be any male readers about. Sorry guys!) I’m still going to track it through the next few cycles. And maybe I’ll decide that I want to keep tracking it after that. Again, we’ll see.

058. Catch up on Supernatural

This one isn’t hard. At all. My sister begged me to watch more with her today, but I had updating here to do, and it’s getting late. Fast. Anyway, I’m in season three. Those Winchester boys! Always causing trouble.

045. Complete my list of 100 Things That Make Me Happy (78/100)

I added two or three items to the list. It’s getting hard! I’m into the 70s. Ooo. Epiphany. I just thought of two more! Mwahahaha. . . 

053. Keep a prayer journal (8/30)

This has slowly morphed into not so much writing down prayers, as writing down musings on the devotions that I’m doing. I’m not sure yet if I should count it. I mean, I think it counts, ish. But I might also want to try an actual prayer prayer journal, all the way. WE’LL SEE.

024. Spend three months getting into optimum shape

I hate wanting to put this off until summer. I did go for a run yesterday, and today I’ve been sore as all get out. It feels good in a way, but also. Bad. Because I’m sore. Duh. Anyways, I’m really having trouble finding places to run. Yesterday, I ran while at my friend’s house after dropping her off, but that’s not practical for my day-to-day. Obviously. So I’m working on that aspect of planning, and then I think I’ll be able to start this goal for real. And as long as I don’t have a job, I’ll have plenty of time for running about!

For the next week:

I’m definitely going to keep flossing, devotions, prayer, Supernatural, reading. Basically all of the above. And then, on top of that, I’m going to send off a postcard through postcrossing (Goal 003). Also, I’m itching to buy a wallet, but I really have no cash! It’s awful being jobless. More practically, I need to take a winter photo. So that’s what I’m going to work on over this week!

Thanks for tuning in!


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(015. Get a summer job) — Job Application Process

So far, I’ve applied to all the Subways around, the Quiznos in Forest Grove, the Godfathers in Forest Grove, and I was going to apply to Jack in the Box but, I’m sorry, I really don’t want to work there. So, I didn’t. 1500 Subs was closed (it is New Year’s, after all), so I’ll have to go back there later. I also went to Pizza Schmizza, but the girl was kind’ve a b!tch, and apparently you have to have your license for two years now, and you have to be eighteen. Everybody I applied to said they weren’t hiring, but I think I talked to the manager of Quiznos when I handed in my application, and he seemed at least reasonably impressed with me. He was a nice old man. So, he specified that he wasn’t hiring this month, but it sounded like he would like to hire me. It’s looking like I won’t have a job in January, but that’s okay as long as I get a job soon. Ish. It’s a good start anyway.

Daily News

There are a few things that I’m going to be doing every single day. On and off. You know, one month this, another month that, kind of thing. I obviously won’t be updating those every day. In fact, I was thinking just once a week. So, that’s what’s going to be happening. 

Plan for the upcoming week

I’m going to be:

  1. Reading the devotions book daily
  2. Writing in my prayer journal regularly
  3. Reading the first of 101 books, specifically: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson
  4. Flossing like mad
  5. Running after school

And that, my dears, will be perfectly doable. Now I just have to go print my list a bazillion times, find somewhere to hang my calendar, and post a bazillion reminders in my bathroom to floss! 

See you on the flipside lovelies,


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