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You know those really fun chocolates that have notes on the inside of the wrapper? They’re like fortune cookies. Except you can actually eat them. Mmmm. . . tasty.

Anyway, this post does in fact have a point. I completed another goal! I know, I know, enough with the fanfare. I’m completing lots of goals, but it’s still exciting! Hint about which goal I completed: my dentist will love me.

. . .

That’s right. I’ve been flossing every day for a month!!! I think my teeth actually look a little bit whiter and cleaner in general, too. This is definitely something I’m going to be continuing, but I’m going to need to go and buy more floss soon. I’m almost out of my last. . . roll? What do you call a container for floss? No matter. Goal #13 complete!

Also, I’ve begun my fitness training program. I basically got it from a book called The Beginning Runner’s Guide or The Beginner’s Guide to Running or something like that. The book is in my bag. All the way across the room. I’m so tired and lazy. . . lol. . . excuses! Anyway, so I started that. My first exercise was yesterday, and my next will be tomorrow. You’re supposed to do the exercises every other day, which works better for me. If I had to do it every day, I feel like I wouldn’t keep up with it as well. 

On a completely unrelated side tangent: I met Jean M. Auel today! She wrote Clan of the Cave Bear and the sequels. She’s such a nice lady, and lunch was delicious as well (we went out to lunch at a local seafood place; the calamari [aka squid] was surprisingly good). Also, dessert was basically a chocolate box filled with whip cream and raspberries. If that doesn’t sound like heaven on earth, well. I’ll just say it was reaaalllyy good. And leave it there. [For the Portland, Oregoners, we went to Jake’s Crawfish on 12th and Stark.]

Enjoy your weekends, lovelies!



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Or, in my case, T-day, as it will now forever be known. That’s right. I bought a thong! Four to be exact. It’s good timing too, because I don’t have many undergarments, if you know what I mean. So I also bought six boyshorts at the same time. They were on sale!! Woot. . . Anyway, so that means goal #59 Buy a thong is now complete! I’m discovering they are a little weird to get used to, though. 

Also, in honor of the Valentine colors, I started my period today.  

. . . sorry, that was probably TMI. . . 

So, “hallejuah,” I’m able to work on tracking my period. Excitement galore.

And that’s basically what I’m up to. Yay? =)

— Rae

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